Fuel & Lubricants

Petroleum derived energy forms a critical part of the energy mix for the Burkina Faso mining industry.

As a fully licensed hydrocarbon distributor we are positioned to assist our customers with their projects’ fuel and lubricant needs.


Our range of premium mobile equipment lubricants and speciality process plant formulations guarantee maximum up time and reduced total cost of lubrication by limiting lubricant change-outs and component failure.


For more information on a recommended solution for your application or a cost benefit analysis please contact us.


Envirolife Heavy Duty Platinum Coolant is a ready to use, readily biodegradable corrosion inhibitor premixed with high quality deionised water. The advanced Carboxylate Technology formulation uses virtually non-depleting organic corrosion inhibitors to ensure long-lasting corrosion protection for aluminium, iron, copper and solder alloys, unlike the traditional nitrite and silicate-based technologies


Developed for extended service performance in heavy duty engines in particular, this water based corrosion inhibitor boasts arguably the most extensive field experience in mining, oil and gas, power generation and heavy transport applications of any comparable product on the market.


From high performance automotive applications through to heavy duty diesel applications Envirolife HD Platinum provides you with one product for your entire fleet and equipment needs.


WD12 Degreaser is specifically formulated as a heavy duty degreaser to replace hydrocarbon solvent degreasing systems. WD12 is a highly effective degreaser for removing heavy soils such as oil, grease and diesel exhaust stains from all types of On and Off Road Transport including Heavy and Light vehicles on mine sites and railway rolling stock. WD12 is also a highly effective general purpose cleaner and is suitable for use on Off Shore Drilling Rigs.


WD12 has a concentrated quick breaking, non-phosphate and readily biodegradable formulation that leaves a streak free finish. WD12 is safe on all surfaces which in combination with TW12 Vehicle Wash and applied by our TOTAL Clean Foam/Spray systems, provides a superior degreasing and cleaning process to most solvent hydrocarbon processes.

Fuel Management Systems

We can assist in the design and installation of various fuel management systems, including hardware such as;


  • Unloading and Dispensing pumps.

  • Flow meters.

  • Individual employee tags.

  • Individual vehicle fuel tags.


That integrate with software systems that report actionable insights to management for the delivery planning and accurate reconciliation of one or one of their largest input costs.

Please contact us for more information on what solutions are best suited to your applications and requirements.

Fuel Depot EPC

Enermin International and its partners can provide full containerized EPC solutions for fuel depots. These systems are comprised of multiple containerized bulk storage tanks, containerized day tanks, electrically driven transfer pumps, unloading pump, piping and fittings, filtrations systems, instrumentation, and monitoring/control systems.


  • Fuel unloading system.

  • Complete storage including day tanks.

  • Fuel transfer pumps, duplex suction strainers.

  • Transfer pump discharge check valves and relief valves.

  • Fuel filtration systems.

  • Engine / electrically driven fuel pump.

  • Auxiliary fuel pump.

  • Fuel shot off valves.

  • Electrical tape tracing system.

  • Instrumentation and control system.