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Petroleum derived energy forms a critical part of the energy mix for Burkina Faso.

As a fully licensed hydrocarbon distributor we are positioned to assist our customers with the supply of fuel products such as:


Super 91 gasoline

LFO (Light Fuel Oil - Diesel)

DDO (Distillate Diesel Oil)

HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil) 180



Deliveries for high-volume, tax-exempt customers such as mines can be made directly from SONABHY’s coastal depots.


For other types of customer, deliveries can be made from Bingo on a tax-inclusive or tax-exclusive basis.


For more information on a recommended solution for your application please contact us.

Fuel storange & dispensing
Fuel Storage and Dispensing

We offer a complete range of fuel storage and dispensing systems that meet the  following requirements:


Customized solutions according to customer needs

Systems designed for specific industries

Safe and environmentally-friendly installation

Optimum equipment reliability and efficiency

Reasonable acquisition costs

High-quality products and services

These systems are comprised of multiple containerized bulk storage tanks, containerized day tanks, electrically driven transfer pumps, unloading pump, piping and fittings, filtrations systems, instrumentation, and monitoring/control systems.

Fuel Management Systems

We can assist in the design and installation of various fuel management systems, including hardware such as:


Unloading and Dispensing pumps

Flow meters

Individual employee tags

Individual vehicle fuel tags


They integrate with software systems that report actionable insights to management for the delivery planning and accurate reconciliation of one or one of their largest input costs.

Please contact us for more information on what solutions are best suited to your applications and requirements.

fuel management
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