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Equipment & Parts

Spare Parts
Spare Parts & Service Exchange Program

New and remanufactured mechanical spare parts are readily available from stock ex Europe, or can be arranged on short lead times, allowing us to minimize downtime for our clients in the event of a component failure emergency.


The comprehensive 2500sqm workshop and qualified technicians allow us to offer numerous reconditioned components on a service exchange basis, whereby clients earn a core credit on any components returned to the factory in a condition that allows for them to be remanufactured.

These parts include but are not limited to:

  • Cylinder Heads.

  • Connecting Rods.

  • Cylinder Liners.

  • Valve Cages.

  • Pistons.

  • Fuel Pumps.

  • Fuel Injectors.

  • Charge Air Coolers.

  • Turbochargers.


Supported engine platforms:

  • CAT.

  • MAK 32, MAK 32C, MAK V32C.

  • MAK43, MAK43C, MAK V43C.


System Panels
Control & Automation System Panels

Through our strategic partnerships we offer design, manufacture and supply of Power, Control & Automation panels for use various applications and environments.


  • Power Plant Control System panels for Start-up, Monitoring & Safe Shutdowns.

  • Generator control panels for generator Synchronization, Load Sharing and Load Control.

  • Substation Controls for Bay Protection, Monitoring and Substation Automation.

  • Medium, High and Low Voltage system Power Distribution Panels.

  • Energy management systems and panels that collect energy data from the field and make it available to users through graphics, online monitoring tools, and energy quality analysers for implementing energy saving interventions.

Centralized SCADA Control Systems

In addition to our control panel systems we  provide complete customized centralised control systems for power stations,  substation monitoring and process plant monitoring. These SCADA systems are suitable for numerous industries including but not limited to power generation, mining and cement & steel production facilities.


Secure connections can be integrated into SCADA centralized control systems allowing Corporate offices or Group Headquarters (HQ) to remotely view any of their plants.

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