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Welcome to Enermin International SARL, your one-stop shop for all your mining supply needs. We specialise in distributing top-of-the-line equipment and consumables to projects throughout Burkina Faso. We invite you to explore our site and get in touch with us to find out more about how we have been providing support to miners in Burkina Faso since 2013.

Our products

We offer a wide range of mining products and supplies that range from specialised process plant lubricants* to heavy equipment tooling and workshop supplies. All of our products are of the highest quality and adhere to the strictest industry safety standards. View our full catalog in order to know all of our products, as well as our additional services.

For specific procurement requests our experienced logistics team works with several strategic partners and international distributors in order to make sure we can deliver what our customers want when they need it each order as smooth as possible. If you have any questions about our products or our additional services, please get in touch today.


*Note: We are a fully licensed lubricant importer.


Premium Lubrication

Our supply of lubricants ranges from premium mobile equipment greases, engine and gear oils, hydraulic oils and drilling lubricants to a full spectrum of speciality process plant formulations that guarantee maximum up time and reduced total cost of lubrication by limiting lubricant change-outs and component failure. For more information on a recommended solution for your application or a cost benefit analysis please contact us.

Welding Supplies and Gases

We provide an extensive range of welding supplies and consumables spanning gases such as oxygen, acetylene and nitrogen to consumables including grinding discs, cutting discs, gouging electrodes and earthing clamps.

Personal Protection Equipment

To compliment our welding supplies we offer a range of protection equipment including, welding helmets, gloves, ankle spats, boots, jackets, fire blankets and respirators with cartridges.

Mobile Equipment Filtration

We distribute top quality oil, air and fuel filters for mobile equipment including Fleetguard, Donaldson and Baldwin ensuring maximum up time and productivity. 

Hydraulic Component Repairs

Through a strategic partnership with a well recognised and respected multinational JV we are now able to offer repairs on plant and mobile equipment hydraulic components including cylinders and pumps. Temporary export from Burkina Faso allows for items to be sent for repair at a new dedicated workshop. All repaired components carry a full 1 year warranty.

Light and heavy vehicle batteries

Our product offering extends to high quality European batteries for light vehicles to heavy vehicles and everything in between. 

By sourcing directly from the manufacturer we are able to offer a high quality sealed battery at a competitive price for every application.

Fuel Treatments

We supply fuel treatment solutions that eliminate impurities such as fungi, algae and microbial bacteria that survive in water condensation contamination in bulk fuel tanks. In addition we stock products that sanitise the combustion of poor quality fuels allowing for improved Diesel/HFO engine hygiene.

Containerised Mining Camps 

We fabricate customised container camps as per the clients specific requirements for easy and secure onsite accommodation, ablutions and cooking facilities whether for exploration or mining operations. Please contact us for specific design and costing.

Containerised Camp Example Design

Cummins service kits and engines

Through our partners we maintain stock of cummins service kits and parts in Ghana. 

Complete engines are available on request and we are able to offer repower solutions transport and bus companies looking for better fuel economy and reliability. 

Additional Services and Support

In addition to our physical products we offer services and support in small scale construction and civil works, mechanical engineering and fabrication, installation and commissioning of power plants, power plant operations and maintenance, small scale solar installations, power rental as well as procurement and logistics assistance. 

About Us

Meet The Company

Enermin International was created in 2013 to serve the needs of an expanding mining industry operating in challenging environments. Since then, our client base has grown to include large multinational corporations, small exploration projects and everything in between. If you have a specific request/requirement or would like to find out more about how Enermin International can serve your projects' needs, get in touch with us today.



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